Tuesday 20

Reinvigorate in 20 Minutes and Get Back to Work

Need a Mid-day Boost ?

After hours of emails, webinars and Zoom meetings your energy is dwindling and your body is stiff. 

“Tuesday 20” uses brain-body “games” and music to recharge your alertness and revive your body. * Move, get a drink of water and be back to work in 30 minutes.

No change into “work-out” clothing is needed.  A sturdy chair, a playful attitude, a Zoom link and you’re ready to go!  






* “Tuesday 20” sessions will use the 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease™ of the Ageless Grace® Program.

“Tuesday 20” Package

“Tuesday 20” sessions start at 3:00 pm EST on Tuesdays.  

Each Monthly “Tuesday 20” Package consists of 4 sessions per month.



Single payment for the month.  No refunds for missed sessions. 

All participants must sign a liablity waiver prior to participation. 



The energy was fantastic.  It was the perfect break from another hectic day! 

Andrea P.

I had a 4pm meeting and felt more energized going into it than I normally am at that time of day. 

Susana F.